Investment Expertise and Risk Management

  • KLS seeks to provide investors with strong risk adjusted returns by focusing on attractive market opportunities while minimizing drawdowns through rigorous portfolio controls. Historically, the firm's returns have exhibited low volatility with limited market correlation. 
  • Jeff Kronthal, Harry Lengsfield and John Steinhardt each bring a long history of investing across fixed income sectors with extensive management experience in business building on both the sell and buy sides. They are supported by a team of 23 investment professionals with an average of over 22 years of relevant experience.

Collaborative Investment Team Structure

  • KLS seeks to provide alpha by capitalizing on opportunities through dynamic allocation and re-allocation of risk capital.
  • Collaborative work environment drives idea generation through cross strategy research across sectors, seeking ongoing asymmetric opportunities.

Expertise across Multiple Fixed Income Strategies and Products

  • KLS seeks to provide diverse exposure to fixed income products through a variety of investment vehicles and customized solutions.

Advanced Operational, Compliance and Financial Infrastructure

  • Team of 21 finance, operations, development, compliance and risk personnel provides a controlled institutional environment with multi-layered checks and balances.
  • KLS' developed operational infrastructure enables portfolio flexibility throughout a wide product set.